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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tiny sticky dumpling monkeys

From somewhere on the internet:

"78-year-old Ning Xugeng resumed her childhood passion of making furry monkeys after retiring from teaching. These fluffy works of art are smaller than a thumb, but retain all the liveliness of their simian models. To make these feisty monkey miniatures, Ning uses of the buds of the Chinese magnolia, and cicada shells.

Ning Xugeng said: "This is a sticky dumpling booth operated by monkey vendors. Some are rolling dumplings, some are boiling them. Sitting on a nearby bench are a group of monkeys enjoying bowls of sticky dumplings. This one even cries for more. It's a very funny sight."

Yes, I'm sure it is - sadly, there was no picture of the thumb-sized monkey vendors available.


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