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Saturday, January 07, 2006

WowWee chimp in action

One of these figures is an animatronic monkey.

My money's on the guy second from the left.

Seriously, I want one of these. Actually, I want around a dozen of them, all lined up in a row gibbering to each other.

Trunk monkey

Is your car protected?

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

This is my new favourite tv show.

Even though I've never seen it.

Perhaps so, but they make great bodyguards...

From somewhere on the internet:

"Former chimp owners St. James Davis, a 62-year-old West Covina, Calif., resident, and his wife, LaDonna, 64, were horribly mauled in early March by two chimps that escaped while the couple was visiting Moe, their former pet, at the Animal Haven Ranch in Caliente, Calif. Ironically, Moe had been taken from them because he had severed the finger of a friend visiting them, and had also injured a policeman. St. James sustained the worst of the attack, including brutal injuries to his nose, eye, cheek, lips and buttocks; most gruesome, all of his fingers were bitten off and his testicles torn off. The attacking chimps had to be shot to death. Lesson learned: A chimpanzee or a primate of any kind should never be kept as a pet."

More monkeys in suits

This site and the adverts on it 'continue to entertain and annoy the viewing public'.

What better testament is there?

Karate Chimp

The way of the exploding hairy fist.

Some people think dressing up monkeys in clothes and making them do funny things is cruel.

Those people should leave, right now.

Stop this sock monkey madness

Very nice.

But why does he have a mouth on his butt?

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