man bites monkey

Friday, February 17, 2006

Gorilla games

"Bantu, a fourteen year old male gorilla, plays with Arila in the Chapultepec Zoo in Mexico City."

Is it just me, or do gorilla games looks somewhat on the violent side?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Robo Cuddle Chimp - it's starting

As mentioned in a previous post , Robo Cuddle Monkeys are here and they have a plan.

Smile all you want, love - he's going for your eyes you know.

Mean peanut smoking monkey

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Freezing Turkish monkeys

A particularly cold spell in Ankara zoo is causing the monkeys there to hug radiators for warmth.

...according to the press release. However, the photos look as though the monkeys are confined in some sort of scabby Turkish monkey prison. Midnight Monkey Express, anyone?

Happy Valentines Day - Don't make the orangutans snarl

From somewhere on the internet:

"The "I Love You" point has been erected for couples to say the phrase while visiting the zoo. The spot is considered the most beautiful of the entire Chiang Mai Night Safari as it is filled with blossoms from various flowers. The point is adjacent to the orangutan display area, where one orangutan couple has just recently fallen in love and have been hugging and cuddling each other for 2 weeks. Night Safari project director Plodprasop Surassawadee said that people faking the "I love you" phrase at the point will prompt the specially-trained orangutans to snarl at them."

May you feel the wind in your socks

"Prompted by requests, Lindner (a.k.a. the “Sock Monkey Lady”) developed “Monkey Love” as “a tribute to the red-heel sock monkey tradition.” “Monkey Love” is a compilation of endearing captions and matching creative poses of the handmade stuffed simians, in which love is featured in a very special way.

Happiness and humor go hand in hand in Lindner's life. Signing off, she said, “May you feel the wind in your socks in the new year and never tire of monkeying around in all you do!”"

Monday, February 13, 2006

I'd buy that monkey for a dollar! #7

"If you love orangutans, especially life-like toy ones, this guy is for you! He is very cuddly!"

And psychotic, if you ask me.

Snow monkeys

Those crazy Japanese snow monkeys are at it again.

I am assured that this last one is merely relaxing, and not in fact dead.

Lewd hay-throwing monkey

From somewhere else on the internet:

""It's not uncommon for female gorillas to strut about, purse their lips and throw glances at the male to let him know they are in estrus and would be receptive to his attentions," said Sylvia Atsalis, a staff primatologist at Brookfield. "But Alpha is particularly unabashed in this regard."

Because Ramar seems most interested in younger females, her attempts often fail, perhaps leading her to try harder. She sits close to him and stares into his eyes. She throws hay in his face. She tries sitting in his lap and makes lewd gestures."

Man Feeds Monkeys

From somewhere on the internet:

"Whenever he gets late in reaching the shrine, the monkeys scamper ahead to look for him. He finds them perched on the trees a kilometre ahead of the shrine - waiting for him.

"People advise me that I should spend the money on my family but I say that I have two families. How can I ditch over 500 family members for the sake of just two," says Sharma who has a wife and a small son.

"I have seen the monkeys closely. Their needs, lifestyle and their family ties are just like ours. I give chocolates to the monkey kids and fruits, grams, vegetables and other eatables to other members."