man bites monkey

Thursday, March 23, 2006

More monkey painting

From somewhere on the internet:

"A prolific painter who prefers acrylics, Jessie likes to lick her colours – yellow is a favourite – before committing her vision to canvas.

Her eight abstract expressionist masterpieces, which are in the same style as those produced by Jackson Pollock, will be auctioned on Sunday."

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I want to go to this fairground

Where the monkeys are huge and everyone looks like they're having a great time...

Peanut & Pumpkin's big day out

"The twins, pulled in the red wagon, have to wind through the narrow aisles of Parrot Jungle's gift shop to get to the nursery. Hairy arms dart out of the wagon, grabbing shirts off racks, sending a row of souvenirs crashing to the ground.

''This is the only time of the day I raise my voice,'' Jacobs says, laughing."

More here.

You scratch my back...

From somewhere on the internet:

"During observation, male chimps routinely scratched a certain spot on themselves in view of their grooming partner, usually in a loud, exaggerated manner. In the majority of cases (64 percent) the groomer responded immediately by stopping and moving to groom the exact spot the gesturer had just scratched, Mitani said."

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'd buy that monkey for a dollar! #12

"Hello my name is Charlie. I'm very small only 18cm in height.

I make up for this with my BIG muscles! As you can see I like
to wear tight t-shirts to show off my rippling six pack.

I have been lovingly hand crafted in a smoke and pet free home from a brand new pair of socks."